Midlothian pet stains cleaining

Midlothian pet stains cleaning and odor removalMidlothian is one of the areas that our pet stains cleaning technicians at SteamLine has been servicing for over 8 years. We are known for providing professional pet odor removing and pet stains cleaning services to homeowners across Midlothian VA.

Humans love pets. Their loyal and friendly nature makes them great companions. In fact, recent studies show that more than 65% of American households have at least one pet. And the people who have pets can attest to the fact that they are cute and adorable, but they can be quite messy around the house sometimes. From urine stains to muddy paw prints all over your furniture and carpet, your house could look really messy. And that’s not all. All the dirt brought in by pets can also cause unpleasant odor if left uncleaned.

Some people take matters into their own hands and do the cleaning themselves. However, very few people actually posses the right technical skill and supplies to perform this, and often and up doing more harm than good in the process. This is why it’s a good idea turn to professional pet stains cleaning and professional odor removal to take care of such messes.

Before we go through the need for such professional services, we need to examine the kinds of dirt and stains that pets routinely deposit around the house, and why prompt and skillful cleaning of such dirt is crucial.

1. Urine

This is the most common cause of staining brought about by pets. And it is carpets that suffer most from urine stains. Statistics indicate that more than half of Americans have carpets in their homes, meaning that carpet stains are indeed a big problem for many. There are several reasons why urine causes a lot of trouble for pet owners. To begin with, urine contains dissolved organic matter, and upon drying, the dissolved particles form crystals on surfaces. These crystals can cause permanent staining if immediate cleaning is not done. And once this happens it will require professional pet stains cleaning to undo the damage.

Pet urine also contains ammonia compounds dissolved in it. These compounds are known to cause a foul smell that is irritating to humans.

2. Feces

It is a disgusting sight when pets deposit feces on carpets. Although it is fairly uncommon for a trained pet to do this, it might still happen, especially when the pet is sick. When this happens, cleaning the carpet can be a challenge. Getting rid of the repulsive odor is however even more taxing and if not done correctly, the whole room may be left with a smell that lasts for weeks.

3. Animal fur and paw-print stains are other causes of dirt brought about by pests. The best way to prevent pet stains is to act as quickly as possible to prevent the stain from becoming permanent. The right combination of cleaning solvents is also necessary to ensure the stains and odors are eliminated for good.

Access to a reliable professional pet stain cleaning and pet odor removal service is however the most convenient way to keep your carpets and other household furniture clean and tidy. And here’s why you should consider this

1. Professionals hold the right skill and tools

You probably already know of a few carpet-cleaning methods that you can do by yourself at home. Sometimes these methods work and sometimes they don’t. Using the wrong method can however cause irreversible damage that even professionals cannot undo. And it can be very distressing to watch your expensive carpet needing replacement just because you chose to gamble with the cleaning process. If you are uncertain, leave it to professional pet stain cleaning services.

2. It might cost you more in the long run doing it yourself

When trying to clean pet stains on your carpet by yourself, you may use a harmful approach which may work in removing the stain but wear the fabric of the carpet. You will probably need to do away with many carpets long before their normal lifetime as a result of poorly advised cleaning.

3. Time consuming

Most pet stains needs to be dealt with as urgently as possible to reduce the chances of permanent damage. Having a busy schedule may force you to postpone the task to a later date, and this is a deadly blunder if you value your carpet. It would do you more good if you seek professional pet stain removal experts to take care of such urgent matters.

4. Odor is extremely hard to eliminate

The internet is full of ways of eliminating odor from your carpet. Such methods often employ crude techniques whose results are not satisfactory. Even after rigorous cleaning by yourself, the carpet may still retain traces of odor from pet grim. A professional pet odor removal service is what will guarantee the most efficient results.