Glen Allen pet stains cleaning

Glen Allen pet stains cleaning and odor removalGlen Allen is a frequent location for our pet stains and odor cleaning professionals. Our Glen Allen cleaners can handle all of your cleaning service needs. Pets are like family to most us and that’s why we treat them with utmost love and care. But when your four-legged friend soils your carpet or sofa with pooh or urine, you might just be annoyed, if not downright angry. However, you should refuse to take matters into your own hands and call a professional pet stain remover to help you clean the stains completely. That’s because Doing It Yourself (DIY) could cause the stained spots to spread further or leave behind some foul smell even after cleaning.

Why Choose To Hire A Professional Service To Help In Pet Stain Removal?

Dog or cat stains can be stubborn to clean, especially when they appear on the carpet, couch or any other piece of furniture. Urine is one of the hardest stains to clean as it penetrates deep into the upholstery or carpet’s padding. As such, rubbing the stained spot or blotting with soap can do less in eliminating the stains and odor. So the only prudent thing to do is allow a professional to come and handle the cleaning for you

Professional stain cleaners have the skill and come with special tools and cleaning solutions to get the job done. Entrusting the work on a professional means your carpet or upholsyery will be cleaned, sanitized and restored to its original condition at the least cost possible. That way, you won’t have to worry about strange odors or spots on your carpet or upholstery.

Pet Odor Removal

Pet stains if not cleaned properly could leave behind a nasty smell. Cleaning pet urine stains on a carpet or upholstery is even more daunting as urine penetrates deep into the fabric. Urine is also corrosive, which means apart from causing a strange odor, it could end up damaging your sofa or carpet’s fabric. That’s why you need to move with haste and call in a pet odor removal expert to come and get rid of the stain.

Before they start the upholstery or carpet cleaning process, professional pet odor removers will first inspect your carpet using special UV light to identify other possible spots that may have been stained by the dog pooh or cat urine. From there, then can proceed to carry out deep cleaning and apply odor removal solutions for complete sanitation.

How Professional Pet Stain Removal Can Protect Your Investment

When your carpet or sofa cushion is stained by huge patches of pet urine or pooh, you don’t have to remove your expensive piece and throw it away. Calling a professional stain cleaner will help eliminate the stubborn and often smelly stains more easily and conveniently. The fact that you’ll spend less in restoring your expensive carpet or sofa means you will save more money that you would have otherwise used to replace it with.


Pet stain accidents are bound to happen at home and it’s not uncommon to find a nasty surprise of dog urine or cat pooh on your sofa or carpet. Since cleaning it yourself can be quite a task, calling a professional pet stain cleaner to help you out is the only viable way of protecting your worthy investment.

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