Carpet Stretching Glen Allen

professional carpet cleaning Glen Allen VAWith all of the new homes going up in the Glen Allen area, there will be many houses with the same issue: carpet wrinkles, caused mostly by improper carpet installation. At SteamLine carpet cleaning restoration, we are able to help you, and re-stretch your carpets at the fraction of the cost replacing it.

If you are a homeowner with a carpet wrinkle issues you may have considered fixing it by yourself. At SteamLine carpet cleaning restoration we caution against attempting any do-it-yourself carpet stretching projects unless you have worked in the carpet installation trade and have some knowledge as to what you are doing; otherwise, you could damage your carpet that will require expensive replacements. Same applies for carpet repair which required special skills and equipment.

From open seam and cigarette burns repair to pet damages and carpet discoloration repair, our trained technicians are qualified to fix any issues you may have, correctly and quickly.

Glen Allen carpet stretching

Carpet stretching is a type of repair that SteamLine carpet cleaning restoration include in their service package and offers to homeowners in Glen Allen area. It is mostly provided when flooring begins to bunch up or wrinkle in the house. Small ripples mostly occur due to the subjection of the floor to a lot of foot traffic or when sliding around big furniture. Minor flaws in the carpet can also arise due to mistakes during manufacturing or installation. When minor rippling is not handled immediately, it leads to a more extensive rippling, and you may end up replacing the entire carpet floor. The most reliable and cost-effective way for removing bunched up sections and ripples from carpeting is with carpet stretching services. For top-rated, expert carpet stretching service in Glen Allen area call SteamLine today.

Carpet stretching process

If you uncertain if your carpet requires stretching, it is wise to seek the services of a professional carpet repair. The expert will assist you in determining if stretching is beneficial or necessary. The installer will identify a suitable stretching method that will help in rectifying the faults with your carpeting. For instance, some case may only need re-seaming carpeting. Loose carpeting may require the installation of new fastening strips. The installer will use a power kicker or knee kicker to position the carpet on the new fastening strips correctly. In many cases, trimming and getting rid of the excess carpet is an important step in the carpet stretching process.

The importance of carpet stretching

Carpeting that shows signs such as lumps, ripples, and wrinkles require being stretched immediately. Some carpeting faults may serve as a safety hazard. For instance, carpet that contains bunched up segments may be a major cause of tripping hazard. Stretching services help in preventing the carpet from developing other unpleasant signs of damage. They also minimize uneven wear.

Other benefits of carpet stretching include:

1. Cost-effective

The most important advantage of seeking professional stretching services for your carpet is that the costs substantially less than installing a new piece of carpeting.

2. Prolong the lifespan of the carpeting

Addressing issues as soon as you notice them will prolong the life of the carpet. For example, if you notice buckles and wrinkles on your carpet and do nothing, you will increase the probability of your carpeting developing holes, worn-outs and rips. Having the carpet stretched by SteamLine is an ideal way of avoiding carpet-related issues and prolonging the lifespan of your carpeting. Our professional carpet stretching technicians are trained to perform all kinds of carpet repairs and handle any situations. SteamLine provides professional carpet stretching in all neighborhoods of Glen Allen.