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Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaning Richmond VirginiaSteam carpet cleaning is quickly becoming the standard for carpet cleaning. Deep carpet cleaning with steam will prolong the life of your carpet. Advances in technology have made steam cleaning easy and affordable for homeowners. The usual vacuuming it is not enough to prolong the overall health of your carpet. Performing a deep steam carpet cleaning will remove the spots, stains, and soils that tend to become deeply impacted into the carpet. The hot water and powerful steam can be controlled, allowing for the cleaning power to be more precise. With steam cleaning is also less chance of residue buildup that can cause an allergic reaction. Your carpet and your family remain healthy. Professional carpet cleaning requires trained personnel. SteamLine carpet cleaning restoration trained technicians to know how to manage the machines and techniques, employing the right solution for your particular carpet needs. Homeowners can rest assured that their flooring is in the hands of a reputable carpet cleaning professional. SteamLine carpet cleaning restoration cleaning carpets in Richmond VA, Glen Allen VA, Midlothian VA, Chesterfield VA, Chester VA and surrounding area.

Importance of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet steam cleaning has become a popular carpet cleaning method because of the many benefits it offers. Let’s look at some of them.

1. Protecting your initial investment

Re-carpeting your house is truly an expensive task. First, there’s the cost of buying the carpet itself and second, the cost of labor and installation which can add several hundred dollars per room. It’s therefore imperative to keep your home carpet in good form. Steam cleaning helps to protect your carpet fibers and will not only keep your rugs looking bright and fresh but also it can extend their lifespan.
Carpets that are steam cleaned regularly smell better, stainless and look newer and fresher because there is not a buildup of dirt. In fact, carpet manufacturers recommend steam cleaning because it does not involve the use of harsh chemicals that can ruin your carpet fibers. That eliminates the need to renew your carpets thus saving your time and money.

2. Most effective way of carpet cleaning

Steam cleaning generates steam that can penetrate even the deepest layers of your carpets. With its powerful vacuum action, it can extract even the most stubborn dirt from your carpets.
The method can reach dirt and dust mites that have stuck on your carpets as well as remove the buildup that stains your carpets. This sets it as the most effective and efficient carpet cleaning technique available today.

3. Your carpet will look cleaner and nicer for longer time

Steam cleaned rugs look better than dry-cleaned ones. Besides extending the lifespan of your rugs, steam cleaning can give you many years of enjoyment and comfort in clean carpets. Because of its effectiveness, it can remove even the most stubborn carpet stains as well as the buildup that causes them thus restoring the original look of your carpets.
Carpet steam cleaning is regarded as gentler on carpet fibers than may other carpet cleaning techniques. This means that it won’t cause the fading and discoloration that occur with harsh chemicals. This does not only make your rugs look nicer but also it makes them stay fresher for a longer time

Health Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

Residential steam cleaning offers numerous health benefits especially for people suffering with respiratory problems like asthma. In the United States, allergies affect about 40% of children and 30% of adults and indoor air pollution is a major cause of these illnesses. Dirty carpets contain harmful pollutants such as dust, dust mites, mold and mildew which cause indoor air pollution.
When speaking of dust mites, studies show that 1 ounce of carpet dust can harbor thousands of dust mites and these creatures are one of the major causes of these health problems. Many homes have dust mites, but most homeowners aren’t aware of them. When used together with HEPA filter vacuums, steam cleaning your carpets can greatly reduce dust mites populations and make your home a safer place to live.
Steam cleaning can also destroy and remove mold that tends to grow and multiply beneath or inside your carpets. Mold and mildew growth can trigger allergies and respiratory problems like asthma. Besides mold removal, carpet steam cleaning with its high-temperature vapor can destroy fungi, virus, and bacteria growing in your carpet. This makes your home a safer and healthier place for and your family to live.

Carpet Stretching

carpet stretching Richmond, Midlothian, Chesterfield, Glen Allen

SteamLine can re-stretch your carpets and make them look great again. SteamLine carpet cleaning restoration is the number one company that is highly specialized in carpet stretching and carpet repair with hundreds of happy clients. From expert stretching and pet damages patching to burn repairs and carpet seaming —SteamLine is the trusted company in Richmond VA. Professional carpet stretching and carpet repair can add years to the life of your carpet at a fraction of the cost replacing it. Stretching carpets in Richmond VA, Midlothian VA, Glen Allen VA, Chester VA, Chesterfield VA, Mechanicsville VA, and surroundings.

Pet Stains Cleaning

pet stains cleaning, pet odor cleaning Richmond, Midlothian, Glen AllenPet stains and odor is a common household issue for pet lovers. SteamLine uses special enzymes cleaner that absorbs pet stains and odors. Common household cleaners are inefficient and only mask the odor, instead of removing it. Our treatments are specially formulated to eliminate urine odors. Pet urine in carpeting is a severe problem and may require major restoration work. With our unique pet urine removal process, even extremely urine soaked areas can be saved. SteamLine carpet cleaning restoration provides outstanding pet stains cleaning and pet odor removal service and provides a healthy environment for you and your family.
SteamLine carpet cleaning restoration is providing pet stains cleaning services in Richmond VA, Mechanicsville VA, Glen Allen VA, Chesterfield VA, Chester VA, Midlothian VA, and surroundings.

Why you should hire professional pet stain cleaners

When it comes to pet stains on carpets, the problem usually runs deeper than you might think. If you can’t get rid of a pet stain or odor on your own, you may be tempted to cut your losses and toss out the carpet altogether. This is an expensive proposition, and you could save yourself a ton of money if instead, you hire a professional odor removal expert and stain cleaner. At SteamLine we have access to specialized equipment and will be able to remove the toughest stains and odors and restore your carpet. Our professional pet stain cleaners use high-powered vacuum cleaners, hot water extraction systems, and other specialized equipment. To remove odors, we can clean and seal off the subfloor, replace the padding, and clean the carpet all through the depth of its fabric.

Pet odor removal

The sources of carpet odors from pet stains include salt crystals, proteins, bacteria, urea, and uric acid. Professional odor removal involves the use of eco-friendly chemicals to neutralize and kill off the sources of the odor. Injection of antimicrobial solutions into the contaminated padding and carpet kills off the bacteria that causes the odor. Rather than just masking off the smell, these products react with the salts and acids in the carpet and change their chemical structure so that they no longer smell. The odor that comes off as a result of bacterial activities is eliminated when the product destroys the bacterial cells in the carpet and padding. The cleaning products also include a deodorizing component which leaves the carpet with a fresh scent. In homes with severe contamination and excessive pet deposits, subfloor sealing and padding removal may be needed. In that case, portions of the carpet are lifted and the floor is sealed with a urine odor barrier.

SteamLine carpet cleaning restoration is providing pet odor removal services in Greater Richmond area, Mechanicsville and Hanover,  Glen Allen VA and Short Pump, Chesterfield VA and Chester VA, Midlothian VA and surroundings.

Upholstery Cleaning

upholstery cleaning Richmond VA. Sofas, chairs, loveseats furniture cleaningSteamLine carpet cleaning restoration upholstery cleaning services employ well-trained technicians and will be able to remove stains, allergens, pet stains and pet dander, organic material, grime, and more. Our trained upholstery cleaning staff know the impact various treatments have on different fabric types. SteamLine carpet cleaning restoration technicians trained to analyze a specific situation and determine the time and materials required to complete the job. SteamLine carpet cleaning restoration upholstery cleaning technicians know how to operate cleaning machinery and apply various cleaning treatments safely.
Furniture is an investment. Periodic routine upholstery cleaning will protect your investments. Cleaning upholstery in Richmond VA, Glen Allen VA, Midlothian VA, Mechanicsville VA, Chester VA, Chesterfield VA, and surroundings.

Importance of professional upholstery cleaning

Studies show upholstered surfaces and fabrics should be cleaned at least once a year. This will ensure that dirt and soils don’t accumulate and damage your furniture or harm your health. Let’s look at the top benefits of professional upholstery cleaning.
1. Maintains the Appearance of Your Home
When upholstery cleaning is done right, it can completely revitalize the look of your house and make your furniture look nearly new again. Clean home and furniture makes a good impression when you get visitors or during gatherings with family and friends.
2. Longevity
A study published in the Discover Magazine shows that an average 6-room house collects about 40 pounds of dust each year. When small particles of dust land on your sofa and upholstery, they can get buried in the fabric leading to its wear and tear. Dust particles have rough edges that can damage your sofa over time, so it’s important that you remove them as soon as possible. A professional upholstery cleaning service can take care of this job and ensure your furniture’s longevity. This will, in turn, prevent the need to replace it and save you money.
3. Protects your Initial Investments and Saves You Money
Once you invest in a piece of expensive, quality furniture, you’ll certainly want to protect it so that it will last longer. Professional upholstery cleaning can protect your sofa and chairs against fading or damage by dirt and dust thus extending their lifespan.

Carpet Repair

carpet repair Richmond VA. Midlothian, Glen Allen, ChesterfieldCarpet repair is an affordable solution and can be easily done by our skilled carpet repair service technician. Whether it is repairing a seam or a bleach stain from a gone wrong cleaning attempt, call SteamLine carpet cleaning restoration to handle carpet repair services. The most common types of carpet damage are stains, the destruction caused by pet, tears, and burns. There are less common types of carpet damage such as water damage or smoke damage, fading, snags, normal wear and tear, and other issues SteamLine carpet cleaning restoration can deal with. Depending on the issue, various techniques can be employed. Run in Berber carpet can be re-looped and secured, while patch might be the best way to treat burns in the carpet.
Providing carpet repair services in Richmond VA, Glen Allen VA, Chester VA, Chesterfield VA, Midlothian VA, Mechanicsville VA, and surroundings.

Professional Carpet Repair vs DIY

Fixing a large carpet tear, burn or stain is something that requires skin and special tools, something you might not have. Going ahead with Do-it-yourself (DIY) may only result in a botched repair and even cause further damage. Hence it will be reasonable of you to contact professional carpet repair company. Hiring an experienced carpet repair expert like SteamLine can save you a lot of costs and embarrassments too. Whether your carpet is lumpy, wrinkly, stretchy, burnt, discolored or has open and worn seams, a skilled carpet repair expert at SteamLine can help. Using specialized tools, repair materials and years of experience the process of fixing your carpet will be speedy and seamless.

Tile Cleaning

tile cleaning and grout cleaning Richmond Even though tile floors and grout can handle the brunt of grime and dirt, they do need to be properly cleaned and maintained. Tile floors can make a huge impact on the appearance of the house. White grout lines that are now dingy or dull tile flooring are just a couple reasons for tile and grout deep cleaning. SteamLine carpet cleaning restoration tile cleaning technician will be able to assess what needs to be done to prolong the life of the tile flooring or grout lines. SteamLine cleaning tile and grout in Richmond VA, Chester VA, Glen Allen VA, Midlothian VA, Chesterfield VA and surrounding area.

Tile floors are a great way to add a sense of sophistication and charm to your home. They are known to be durable, attractive and can greatly enhance the beauty of your home. However, their exhilarating look and feel can quickly fade away when they get dingy or dirty. Routine professional cleaning of your tile floor and grout can keep them always looking new and beautiful.
But the truth is that cleaning tiled floors is not an easy task for the average homeowner. SteamLine provides professional tile cleaning service to homeowners across Greater Richmond area. Our professional technicians have the expertise, experience, and tools to get your tile floor sparkling clean and restore their original beauty.

Importance of Tile Cleaning

According to studies, a dirty home makes the residents feel moody and even depressed. One great way to keep your home fresh is to clean your tiles. Let’s look at more benefits of tile cleaning.
1. Prolongs the life of your tile floor
Your floor is an important part of your house. It’s also a big investment that certainly requires a sizeable amount of money to install. It’s important to maintain tile and grout in good condition so that it can last for a long time. Traffic and spills can destroy your tiles and grout over time and therefore need to be cleaned every year. Professional tile cleaners use effective and eco-friendly cleaning solutions that can remove the toughest stains without harming your tiles. Also, these products have been approved by EPA to ensure they are safe for your kids and pets.
2. General Well-being
Indoor air pollution is far much worse than outdoor. Over time, your tile floors will accumulate harmful pollutants and bacterias that can cause allergies and respiratory problems. So, it’s important that you adopt routine tile cleaning to remove these harmful substances and also prevent their buildup.
3. Maintain appearance of your house
Having dirty tiles will make your home unattractive. Your friends and visitors will notice this immediately they step into your house and it does not leave a positive impression. Hiring a tile cleaning service will leave your home looking healthy and attractive.
Although you can clean your tiles by yourself, it won’t be as effective and efficient as hiring professionals. Hiring a tile cleaning service will save you time as well as money in the long run. Routine professional tile cleaning will also keep your tiled floor in its original beauty for many years to come.

SteamLine carpet cleaning restoration is local cleaning company in Richmond VA. We specializing in carpet cleaning, carpet stretching and carpet repair, tile and grout cleaning, pet stains and odor removal.

Proudly servicing Greater Richmond area, Glen Allen  and Short Pump, Chester and Chesterfield VA, Midlothian and Mechanicsville VA, Henrico, Hanover and surrounding area

Why SteamLine?

SteamLine technicians
There are two major issues with inexpensive cleaning companies. One, they usually employ technicians that are not properly trained or not trained at all. Two, these cleaning companies often use wrong, substandard equipment for the job. SteamLine carpet cleaning restoration carpet cleaning technicians are properly trained and guaranteed to be more equipped and knowledgeable than any of our competitors. Their training includes courses ranging from general cleaning techniques to extremely specialized situations. Upon completion of training, technicians are issued a final exam to assure that they qualified for the field.
SteamLine carpet cleaning equipment
At SteamLine carpet cleaning restoration we using best cleaning equipment in the industry. We keep our powerful extractors mounted on a vehicle. Truck mounted equipment greatly improves the power of the cleaning and extraction. It is ideal for use in businesses and homes experiencing heavy soiling conditions.

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Cost of carpet cleaning

When considering carpet cleaning remember: as with most things, you get what you pay. The cut-rate cleaning companies typically don’t have the technology, training and right equipment. For some homeowners, equipment and education are not that important, and any cleaning is much better than no cleaning at all. When cleaning technicians are not properly trained they can easily damage your carpet. What supposed to be an inexpensive carpet cleaning may be instead a major unexpected expense.
The cost of the carpet cleaning job is usually determined by how soiled the carpet are, and the size of the area needs cleaning. If a cleaning company is offering cut-rate prices, it’s a clear sign that they not going to provide appropriate cleaning service.
Another problem with cut-rate cleaning companies is that they often use unsafe cleaning methods.
Stains and dye damage are common problems a cleaning technician has to deal with and require special cleaning skills and cleaning solutions. An untrained technician may not even recognize the difference between carpet dye damage and other soiling conditions.

Benefits of carpet cleaning using professional service


As a professional cleaning service, we handle our clients with courtesy and utmost professionalism. We have a team of well-trained cleaning technicians who have the knowledge and experience to handle a wide range of challenges that come with the job.

100% Customer Satisfaction

We do understand that the customer has become increasingly sophisticated, with unique and specific needs. Consequently, we have adapted to ensure that we understand the unique needs and expectations of the customer by asking specific questions and delivering on our promise. We then devise a strategy and implement a methodology that will ensure we meet and exceed customer expectations. The company ensures 100% customer satisfaction.

Specialized Tools and Equipment

Dust, debris, and dirt accumulate over time to pose a health risk. If not cleaned properly, microbes found in your carpet could cause respiratory ailments, leading to potentially huge medical bills. With our specialized tools and equipment, we are able to penetrate deep into the carpet fibers and clean it using a special detergent that is also environment-friendly.


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